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setTitle ("M.E.C-2");


void Adherence to the Game Jam's theme() {
In line with the idea of "the game is a liar", we opted to make a ("grid-based escape game) where the player controls a robot who just became conscious and it's trying to fight against his own source code and flee the laboratory, where he was created. 

Through out the game, his programming is always trying to fool the player ,                          scrambling his movement controls and making it think that staying is the better option.

In this fast-paced escape game, precision and speed are key to reach the                                end, freeing the robot from his birth chains.


void About the Game() {

As the protagonist of the game, you will control the robot "M.E.C-2", which apparently created consciousness due to an error in its construction and feels that it does not fit in the laboratory where it was created. 

M.E.C-2, has an immense interest in knowing a world where he feels complete and therefore he decides to explore the laboratory seeking to fit in. However, there is a voice in the head of the protagonist, his source code, which is always trying to make the robot give up exploring and surrender to return to the starting room.
Will M.E.C-2 be able to escape the lab and achieve freedom or will he be stuck on it forever... //For his own good, maybe? 


void Controls () {

Keyboard - WASD / Arrow Keys

Use the keyboard to move through the grid-based stage and try to reach the door before the time runs out! But always look out how your movement controls are setted!


void Collaborators() {

       if (gameDesigner == true) {
             André Ruiz ;
             Felipe Botelho;

       if (gameArtist == true) {
             Luana de Souza Matos;
             Pedro Fernando:

       if (soundDesigner == true) {
             Aline Aurilio;
             Luisa Dias;

       if (programmer  == true) {
             Bernardo Hörner Lopes;
             André Mazal Krauss;


Special thanks to Michelle Santiago, for helping out with programming and game design and Milk for being the best dog :>


ps: Added two build post submission time(for Windows and Mac), in which an introduction and ending were added to the game. There were no other changes made to the gameplay itself. The original build targeted Windows exclusively.


M.E.C-2 22 MB


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Hey everyone! We fixed a few bugs and wanted to show the bug-free (at least  of the ones we found:P)version of the game  but, as it's against the rules to upload a new version after the end, we uploaded this new version to our Google Drive!

So, if you for some reason really wanted to check the game out with a bit more polish, here it is:

And DON'T FORGET: Use the "oficial" version that was uploaded to the jam for your rating. Otherwise that we'd be cheating :)