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Adherence to the Game Jam's theme: 

In line with the idea of "Out of Control", we opted to make a dynamic puzzle game. Inspired by a programming Stack, our character moves on a Last In, First Out rhythm-system, which means that he can only input one direction at any given time interval (tick), and the inputs must follow the stack's order. In addition to this, the player's base direction is pre-determined for each level, which means he must adapt to inputs that are out of his control!


About the Game:

You must guide LIFO to the end of each level, collecting keys to open the door if needed. Avoid water at all costs while maneuvering, as LIFO can't swim!

Be mindful of your input stack: you can't add or remove more than one key in the stack per tick. At every turn, the top-most movement is performed, and it must be removed (by pressing the same key again) before you can execute the next command. While no input is being changed, LIFO will continue walking in the same direction.


How to Play: 
Arrow keys / WASD:
 - Press a key that isn't in the stack to add it to the stack
 - Press the top-most key in the stack to remove it
 - You can't fully empty the stack, and every level starts with a pre-determined input in the stack

R Key : Reset level
P Key: Skip level



Game Designers:

André Ruiz
Bernardo Gadelha


André Ruiz
Daniel Oliveira
Lucas Lima

Sound Designer/Composer:

Lucas Lima


André Mazal Krauss

Splash Art:

Henrique Rito

Install instructions

Download the ZIP file, extract all files inside to a folder of your preference. Then, execute the LIFO.exe and have fun!


LIFO.zip 25 MB


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