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Adherence to the Game Jam's theme: 

In line with the GGJ 2020 theme, "Repair", we opted to make a puzzle / experimental game where the player is a quirky E.T trying to repair strange  "art" objects from a long extinct civilization. The player must move parts of the objects and connect them, until he reaches  something they are satisfied with. 

Enjoy the different possibilites and share your exhibition to the whole universe!


About the Game:

A Part of Art is an experimentation puzzle game where you take the role of a museum curator from outer space who must restore artifacts collected on a desolate, yet kinda familiar, inhabited planet. Try to interpretate curious works of art and fossilized life forms by combining and recombining its different pieces, restore them to their former glory and then share your work online with your friends through a magnificent exhibition.



Mouse - Point and Click  over the the joint points in each object to attach them together wherever you like. Also, with the left mouse button, you can click and drag the object to rotate him. 



Game Designers:

André Ruiz


Daniel Oliveira
Gabi Pinto
Rubens Toré

Sound Designer/Composer:

Rubens Toré


Nelson Donato
Renan da Fonte

Special thanks to PUC-Rio, ICAD and every member of the Rio PUC Games team (https://rpgriopucgames.itch.io/), from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


A Part of Art 64 MB
A Part of Art (Mac) 59 MB

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